“Ultraviolette F77” The Electric Bike First Test Run On-Road

Bengaluru-based electric vehicle startup Ultraviolette has started testing their electric bike F77.

Ultraviolette F77 is slated to be the first made-in-India performance bike with an electric powertrain. The company recently shared images and videos of a prototype of F77 being tested on road.

These tests include a 75km straight stretch as well as an 8-10km uphill run to Nandi Hills. The video shows Narayan Subramaniam(CEO – Ultraviolette Automotive) riding the motorcycle and the turbine-like sound at acceleration sounds really good. The electric motorcycle can be seen handling the turns as well as straights very easily.

Moreover, Narayan did conduct grade ability tests on the bike with a pillion as well as two 10kg luggage bags. It must be kept in mind that the tests were done with two 75kg+ riders. The pillion claimed that it was a comfortable ride though from where we see it, the rider’s seating position seems to be a tad sporty. Narayan explained that after the uphill section, the battery temperature readout was 54-degree.