The Most Technically Advanced Lamborghini : The Huracan Tecnica.

This year truly seems like a step into the future or at least a foreseeable future for performance dedicated super cars , and one such performance oriented technology upgraded and track mastering example was set forth by Lamborghini, this time with high improved details inspired by the STO and Huracan EVO2 , Lamborghini unveils the Huracan Tecnica,

While the word “Tecnica” isn’t only to make it sound advanced but for how advanced it is in terms of driver interface and aerodynamic upgrades that it truly seems like an excellent closure to the Huracan line up right after the STO ,

Traction , handling & speed:

The Technica Huracan uses its advanced Traction control system this time the TCS has pre-processing of the drivers input and provides a proactive management of torque , this also proves effective on low-grip surface or while entering into a corner at high speed along with rear wheel steering for optimum Control or Turing confidence , there are modes available from strada to sport which coincide with the P-TCS and engine ,

LDVI Lamborghini integrated vehicle dynamics this works with the P-TCS , rear wheel steering and driver input to given road conditions , the quick reaction timing can be a great advantage on the track or while speeding in adverse environment .

Engine & aerodynamics

Talking about the engine the Tecnica has a naturally aspirated 5.2L V10 throaty and crackling engine that makes around 640 HP or 565Nm of torque this thing can go from a Standstill to 100KP/H in 3.2sec and top speeds of 325KP/H.

While all this controlled speed needs some good controlled braking which is where the design and exterior remoulding comes to play again,
the brake cooling vents are now more elevated and gives better flow way for brake cooling ducts and keeping most of the brake associated fluids at optimum temp. as well,

The front section might reminiscent of a ‘Sian V12’ , but this adds to better aerodynamic flow to keep its nose sticking to the ground at blistering acceleration and speeds, the technica’s skeleton is futuristic with its hybrid aluminium carbon cage and synthetic aluminium body materials make it light with maximum strength all sitting on some magneto rheological suspension Finished off in all black diamond cut alloy R20″ rims

Supposedly this is said to be a closure for the Huracan line up, but for now this is the best Huracan out there and will be known from this time when glanced in the near future.