The Highly Anticipated & Most Powerful Production V12 SUV : The Ferrari Purosangue.

While the global luxury automotive scene has already been dominated by SUVs from The Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus over the years, Ferrari has gone on about their most hyped SUV and created an inquisitive and highly anticipated atmosphere in the automotive scene, they have not let down on V12 oriented performance or luxury so dedicated that Ferrari code named it the FUV Ferrari utility vehicle, This is the Ferrari Purosangue.

Aerodynamic design & Exterior Details :

Speaking of a perfect cocktail of aerodynamic design and body lines The Ferrari Purosangue has drawn most of its inspiration from its stable mates both recent and older can be fully observed on the Purosangue ,This will also be the first 4 door production from Ferrari,

starting of from the distinctive front section with the central nose line that connects the DRLs , Headlights similar like on the SF90 Stradale , the lower Grille with the floating prancing horse from the SP2 Monza this lowered grille has been flanked on the side for air damping & suspension cooling ,also serves as a cooling inlet from power control units , the hood has indents that also serve for cooling and intake , the hood is reminiscent of the 812 super also has these winglets under the A pillar that are inspired from the F12 Berlinetta ,

Even the Roofline is similar as presented on the GTC4Lusso while most of the aerodynamics is hidden and not exposed , keeping it all neat and tidy like the Body of Ferrari Roma , coming to the floating wheel arch trims on the wheel well help create Air curtains that accommodate suspension and brake cooling , just as unique as the front and side the Purosangue has similar aero work towards the rear and has taillights similar as on the 296 GTB keeping it all tidy with a central line strip between the taillights where the rear parking sensor and cameras are integrated ,coming lower to the Quad exhaust tips incased around by carbon fiber.

Powerhouse & Performance :

Now to the most exciting and mind boggling thing in the “FUV” that massive V12, Yes with this being the first in segment SUV with a V12 and a massive one too ,6.5L Naturally aspirated V12 code named the F140IA this V12 was seen on the SP1, SP2 monza & 812 super fast and its comptizione version , This V12 pushes 735 HP @ 2100 RPM with 715Nm of torque and redlines the Purosangue to about 8250 RPM,

0-100 Kmph in 3.3 seconds & Top speed of 310 Kmph , Making the Purosangue the most Powerful Combustion V12 Engine (V12 ICE) on a production SUV , of course to transmit all that power with a 8 Speed DCT all sitting on a Multimatic 48 volt suspension keeping it at a adjustable ride height of 158 centimeters and length of 4970 millimeters (mm) .

Control & Comfort

The handling is monitored by a 6 way chassis dynamic sensing and ABS evo similar as on the 296 GTB to control Traction related aspects , To maximize stability and performance Rear wheel independent steering is provided & AWD is intrinsic with the on board ECU.

The interior is a place to be along side the most adverse Rear entry with Suicide doors , the seats are just kept as subtle as in all previous models even the engaging cockpit has similar dials and tones of the 296 GTB with the Manettino Knob for different mode settings .

The central climate control is a display integrated circular push knob and also the dashboard covers the interior similar on most recent models , also to top it all of the roof can be provided with a electro chromic clear roof glass which can be used to have a clear roof or opaquely tinted with just a press of the of button,

With luxury and performance at its highest order , irrespective of its late entry The Ferrari Purosangue is going to definitely take the automotive world by storm.