The Genesis X concept has been revealed as a stylish sedan

Just as the LC500 combined a decade of Lexus-style cues into a car-shaped entirely around them, the X takes the Genesis brand’s massive corporate face and signature two-bar light features to their logical conclusion. Like the Polestar 1 before it, the result is a stunning GT concept designed more to show how elegant the company’s design language can be when unrestrained. Unlike those cars, however, the future of Genesis X is wide open.

No production plans have been announced for Genesis X. As of now, it is simply a design concept, and plenty of memorable design concepts have proven to be nothing more than that. We never got a Mazda RX-VISION, and, after two years of radio silence since the first hopes of production, it seems entirely possible that the Essentia concept, the X’s Genesis show car predecessor, could suffer the same fate. If Genesis is serious about its future, Genesis X cannot fade in the same way.

No serious details were announced when the car was shown earlier this week, but Genesis made clear that the X is, at least in theory, fully electric. Around the same time, corporate partners Kia revealed the specs of their EV6 GT, a production-ready electric car reaching 577 horsepower. If Genesis wants to produce the X, that level of power is a perfect match.