SUVs – The charm of the Indian car market

By Siddharth Chaturvedi, Founder and MD, Boys and Machines

The Indian car market is a dynamic ground. Trends change every quarter. We can witness cars being bought digitally. The industry has seen milestone bookings like never before. The desi Indian buyer is a fanatic of – ‘the bigger the better’. Industry trends say that SUVs are selling more than sedans and hatchbacks combined. We can see around two SUV launches every quarter. New players entering India are straight away hitting the market where it’s hot, the SUVs. Automakers have realized the charm of the Indian car market lies in these muscular cars. Let’s demystify why SUVs are leading the Indian car industry.

Design is one of the primary reasons for the SUV hype. Things like roof rails and cladding are making a difference. Bigger tires, attractive front grille, athletic height, and a longer wheelbase are all making SUVs more appealing. Automakers are coming up with muscular design statement that reflects a superior road presence. The Indian car buyer loves attention. You can also witness the SUV design spread to smaller cars, aka micro-SUVs. Recently one of the Indian carmakers redefined its core business selectively to SUVs. Even luxury car makers like Lamborghini and Ferrari launched their first ever SUVs after decades of sports-car driven strategy. When sole sports car makers are coming up with SUVs, there is definitely a spike in the consumer end. It is not anymore, the fastest but the jack of all features that gets an edge.

Power is another plus for these types of cars. With more space in action, automakers can fit larger engines and engineer prime moving systems without any constraints. Space is the biggest leverage engineers can get. Yes, you can also place a higher capacity battery with a bigger floor bed at your disposal. This is not possible with smaller cars. With SUVs, there is no cap on innovation. It gets bigger and better.

Room for everyone! With trend-worthy and powerful SUVs by your side, you get ample space for everyone. A typical SUV at least seats five passengers comfortably. Larger SUVs can accommodate up to eight. You can enjoy long trips with family, go for camping, explore the unexplored routes, all with utmost comfort and confidence. Bigger tires and wheel arches coupled with high-performance suspension system makes the car float through rough road patches. Good traction is maintained while cornering, making every drive safe and confident.

Luxury interiors conceals the game. SUVs from luxury automakers radiates extravagant interior space. Enjoy every bit of luxury with Alcantara seats, ambient lighting, stereo 3-D sound system, sportier flat-bottom steering wheel, massage function, and leg space like never before.

All these features combined, makes SUVs stand out among other types of cars. You get rugged design, staggering power, utmost space, and luxury – all in a single package. Take note of the fact that the trend is only developing itself with more buyers excited to experience the charm of the Indian car market. Even for electric cars, manufacturers are making the SUV segment as an entry-door to the future of mobility. Electric powertrains make running costs much more affordable and that coupled with the comfort, luxury, and space of SUVs is the ultimate deal maker for manufacturers and consumers alike.