Rolls-Royce Confirms Silent Shadow EV Is In Development

Rolls-Royce embraced electric vehicles in 2017 when it confirmed that it would skip developing hybrids and go straight to EVs. Since then, rumors have percolated about the company’s plans, with the automaker patenting the Silent Shadow name in 2020. Now, though, Rolls CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes has confirmed that development is underway for the creatively named model, which is a nod to the vintage Rolls Silver Shadow.

However, its arrival date is still a secret Till Now!

The BMW which owns the luxury car brand is said to have already applied for a trademark for the name last year. The name ‘Silent Shadow’, is said to take inspiration from the brand’s old Silver Shadow model, which was on sale from 1965 to 1980.
The company CEO also stated that electrification works well for Rolls Royce. The electric powertrain offers torque right from the start, while also being completely silent.
However, apart from the confirmation, no other details of the upcoming electric Rolls Royce car were revealed.