One off Special from Maranello : 812 inspired Ferrari SP51 Roadster.

One off special:

The SP51, designed by the Flavio Manzoni-led Ferrari Styling Centre, is a front-engined V12 spider based on the 812 GTS platform, from which it derives its layout, chassis, and engine. At first glance, the magnificent new car’s most noticeable feature is its complete lack of a roof, making it a real roadster in every way, emphasising both its athletic nature and potential to fascinate both visually and air driving ecstasy.

Aero & drive dynamic

Naturally, the aerodynamics of the SP51 required rigorous refinement in a resulted in a lot CFD simulations, wind tunnel and dynamic testing to provide not just the ultimate in interior comfort, but also the same quality of acoustic comfort and wind feel as the car that inspired it.

Because of its flawlessly strong, undulating surfaces, the SP51’s style is both powerful and harmonious. Its lines are contemporary, sinuous, and sensuous all at the same time, thanks in large part to the liberal use of naked carbon-fibre both on the exterior and within the cabin.

Tribute to legends design :

The trim on the hood is particularly eye-catching, as it fluidly frames the two air vents. Another eye-catching aspect of the SP51 is its unique Rosso Passionale three-layer paintwork, which was designed particularly for the car and gives it an exquisite yet imposing character that emanates authority. The blue and white livery inspired by a renowned 1955 Ferrari 410 S not only spans the length of the car, but is also referenced in the interior, adds to this image. Specially sculpted headlights give the SP51 a distinct and powerful personality. The wheels are particularly notable, with carbon-fibre wing shapes on each spoke and a clever tone-on-tone diamond-cut finish on the forward-facing area.

The back of the automobile features an arching motif, with the taillights inserted beneath the spoiler. Two flying buttresses flank the cabin and are visually softened by two deep carbon-fibre scoops. A transverse carbon-fibre wing runs between these two pieces, its profile folding over the buttresses. The end design is faintly evocative of a Targa-style automobile, with the flying bridge beautifully concealing the anti-roll hoop.

Inside-Out the SP51

The particular finish for the door panels, lower area of the dashboard, and seat sides, which includes a blue Kvadrat insert with white cross-stitching, complements the livery.

Glossy carbon-fibre trim has been employed widely throughout the cabin, where it complements the Nero Momo Opaco parts quite well. Several white embroidered accents add to its fashionably beautiful and commanding style (including the Prancing Horse and car logo, also found on the lower rim of the steering wheel).

The Ferrari One-Off, SP51, was created for a long-term Taiwanese client who is also a prominent collector. It is the first front-engined V12 spider produced by Maranello in 50 years. Its striking design immediately draws attention.

It does, however, beautifully preserve the distinctive grace of its inspiration, the 812 GTS, while pushing the envelope.