New Aston Martin Valhalla Unveiled

Aston Martin’s new Valhalla supercar is a radical, mid-engine Ferrari SF90 Stradale rival with a hybridized V8, concept car looks, and a chassis set-up inspired by Formula 1 cars. 

Valhalla – unlike the 2019 concept – is not powered by a bespoke, Aston Martin-developed V6, as was originally planned. Development of that 3.0-litre motor, which was set to exceed the 725hp output of even the DBS Superleggera’s V12, was axed soon after Moers took over because, he said, it would not have been Euro 7 compliant and “would have taken another huge investment that was really too big to bring to life”. 

The design is much cleaner, more overtly road-focused and extensively altered from that of the concept. 

The Valhalla will now be prepared for a market launch in the second-half of 2023, with Aston Martin F1 drivers Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll called upon to offer feedback on the car’s dynamic performance.

Prices and availability are yet to be announced, but Reichman said at the Geneva show concept’s unveiling: “If the Valkyrie is the best of the best, then the Valhalla is the best at £1m (around Rs 10.32 crore)”. Earlier this year, chief financial officer Kenneth Gregor confirmed that Valhalla deposits made up “a chunk” of Aston’s £296 million (around Rs 3,054 crore) deposit balance in 2020.