Kia removes the ‘Motors’ suffix as part of the new brand strategy

Kia’s new broader vision as a mobility solutions provider, along with the removal of the ‘Motors’ suffix from the brand’s name, reflect the Korean company’s commitment to the long-term ‘Plan S’ business strategy.

The ‘Plan S’ strategy will see a focus on new dedicated EVs – seven of which will be launched by 2027. The seven new models “will include a range of passenger vehicles, SUVs and MPVs across several segments, each incorporating industry-leading technology for long-range driving and high-speed charging.” 

Further to that, the company will diversify into “eco friendly mobility services, centred on electric and autonomous driving across major global cities”.

Kia President and CEO, Ho Sung Song, said “We believe that transportation, mobility and movement represent a human right. Our vision is to create sustainable mobility solutions for consumers, communities, and societies globally.”