Hyundai comes with a new Air Cleaning Technology that cleans air in the vehicle

Hyundai has announced that the brand is developing new technologies to improve the air quality of their vehicles. Hyundai Motor Group will be launching the technology on select cars first in the Korean Domestic market before rolling it out on other Hyundai, Kia and Genesis brands worldwide in the future. The brand has unveiled three new air-conditioning technologies – ‘After-Blow’, ‘Multi-Air Mode’, and ‘Fine Dust Indicator’. 

The After-Blow technology dries the condensate on the evaporator after the engine is turned off and the evaporator drains for 30 minutes after blow is activated for 10 minutes to dry the leftover condensate in the air passage and automatically allows inrush of outside air to prevent the build-up of humidity. 

After Blow technology also integrates the use of intelligent battery sensor (IBS) and discontinues the use of the system if the battery charge level drops to a certain level so that battery charge anxiety is reduced. It is also automatically deactivated if the sir-conditioning is not used for a certain period of time or when the outside temperature is low. 

The Multi-Air Mode uses multiple air vents and multi-air slots with fine holes instead of the direct air blower. The Multi-Air mode sends out the air in a more diffused fashion creating a more pleasant indoor environment with a gentle air breeze. The multi-air mode can be activated and deactivated on the preference of the driver, in addition to the normal air vents. The multi-air mode reduces direct air contact and softens the air. 

Lastly, Fine Dust Indicator measures the air inside in real-time and delivers digitized information allowing better management of air quality. The fine dust indicator displays information in an easy colour coded manner to easily identify the concentration level of PM 2.5 ultrafine particles. 

The system indicates blue for 0 to 15 μg/m3, green for 16 to 35 μg/m3, orange for 36 to 75 μg/m3, and red for 76 μg/m3 or higher. When the system detects the level of ultra PM 2.5 particles exceeding 36 μg /m3 the air cleaning mode is activated automatically and the air volume between 3 and 8 and switches to the air-recirculation mode, the system also activates the air conditioning system to reduce indoor humidity. If the air does not improve in air cleaning mode the system also reminds the driver to replace air conditioner filters and to clean contaminated seat and floor mats. 

The new air quality improvement technologies are being developed thinking about the current and future conditions and the importance of quality air for all occupants. Hyundai Motor Group in India offers Auto Healthy Air Purifier (Hyundai) Smart Pure Air (KIA) on the all-new Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos and the Kia Carnival in the Indian market which also purifies the cabin air and indicates the Air Quality Index (AQI) inside the cabin.