How to take care of your car during lockdown

You all know it’s lockdown again. Corona Pandemic is having the second wave now. In order to get in control and to keep the things going again we should take care of ourselves. The best way is self quarantine.

But ever thought of your vehicle during these lockdown?

To ensure the better health of your vehicle in these uncertain times, you should prepare it to sit for a while. That means you will want to do a deep clean. You should remove any food or drinks leftover in your vehicle to ensure to not only keep the car smelling good but also to prevent pests from entering your vehicle. After you remove all trash from the car, you should do a quick sanitize of the dashboard, steering wheel, and other high touch areas in the cabin.

To prevent condensation from getting into your fuel tank, you’ll want to fill up the fuel. You’ll also be happy to come back to a vehicle with a full tank. After you fill up the fuel, you should also treat the exterior of your vehicle to a car wash. You can do this easily with a bucket of water, a clean cloth, and some warm soapy water.

If your vehicle is bound for less driving, you’ll want to make sure that you turn your vehicle on at least once a week. Turning your vehicle on once a week ensures that your battery continues to stay charged. Nothing is worse than coming back to your vehicle after not driving it for some time for the battery to already be dead.

Oil changes are another thing that we suggest our drivers to think about differently. When you’re not driving your car often, you want to make sure you judge when to change your oil not by how many kilometers it was driven but rather when the last oil change was. It’s important to keep up with these routine oil changes at least every six months to help keep the engine oil fresh.

So Take good care of yourself, your family and your car too.