Ferrari unveils sleek and powerful track-only 488 GT Modificata

A modified twin-turbo V8 engine is at the core of this Ferrari 488 GT Modificata which can produce maximum power of 700hp. Ferrari incorporated elements of the 488 GT3 and the 488 GTE into the race car which will be used exclusively on the track and at Ferrari Club Competizioni GT events.

The car will be limited edition and will initially be available only to drivers who have participated Competizioni GT in recent years with Ferrari or Club Competizioni GT.

The gearbox, which is available with different transmission ratios, and the carbon fibre clutch assist in managing the intense power and torque produced by the engine.

The 488 GT Modificata enjoys high-downforce aerodynamics, shifting the pressure centre forward which generates higher downforce at the front without increasing overall drag which makes the car more efficient and sensitive to changes in rear wing angle.

The entire body of the car is made of carbon fibre, barring the aluminum roof and uprights which contributes to a downforce of over 1000 kg at 230 kmph.The brakes also get low residual torque callipers to reduce drag and the ABS system is taken from the 2020 488 GT3 Evo.