Cruising the Coast: 400kms in the 2022 Toyota Glanza

Amidst the lovely monsoon season we set out to embark on a coastal drive from Kochi to Kasaragod on 400 kms of beautiful roads along side soothing scenery and our choice for this coastal run was the 2022 Toyota Glanza , the new Glanza 2022 has been quite a go-to car ever since it’s release and newer updates as well ,

We were eager to see how well it would perform with its 1.2L DOHC K12M engine paired to an AMT gearbox ,Also the Glanza comes with a fuel capacity of 37L which we will get back to in a bit ,about the exteriors the 2022 Glanza looks intimidating and aggressive and borrows certain traits from its larger and sedan stable mates such as the Altis or Camry ,the central grill has a chrome band that stretches over the grille as well as these striking LED headlights which I felt are exceptional in terms of how well the road was being lit along side the LED headlamps range of made it easier during the night drive, even in the rain.

While moving through green lush of Kozhikode at which point the drive was almost half way done and we were pretty energetic ,we dint notice the distance or time pass by at all , thanks to the Driving comfort and creature comfort in the Glanza with climate control system which works absolutely amazing making things cooler or warmer faster , also upto mark with the flat bottom steering wheel , button controls has a solid feel to it and sufficient amount of lighting with user interface from the TFT cluster as well as the infotainment.

Space for passenger at the rear is quite sufficient considering the size how ever the long drive might take a toll on the passenger at the back even though the seats are plushy the head and leg room just doesn’t do well , another issue was the AMT was quite smooth in low speeds or in traffic but was very jumpy at higher revs or speed which I felt could be a downer.

On the bright side the mileage and fuel capacity just coincide very well especially for this trip where we averaged around 18Km per liter which just goes to show how efficient the Engine and gear box have worked ,but would have felt better in performance in a manual transmission but not so sure on the driving comfort or fuel range as they may vary by a nick.

 As we were about to finish with our journey of 10 hours & 10mins we realized that the efficiency and state of running was just as brand new although we had been driving 10 hours we felt like we were not too exhausted as it was quite comforting apart from some minor setbacks over all the Glanza was I would say interesting to drive along side being fuel efficient and pocket friendly ,I wouldn’t go back on the statement of saying this is indeed a go-to car.