BMW revealed their electric scooter concept CE 04

German automaker BMW Motorrad has revealed the Definition CE 04. It is based on the Concept Link zero-emissions urban mobility scooter that was showcased a few years back.

BMW has said that the “electrically powered Concept Definition CE 04 has been consistently developed and adapted to meet the everyday needs and requirements of the customer.”

The two-wheeler comes with a futuristic look, a host of equipment including a massive 10.25-inch TFT dashboard, and an all-electric powertrain.

With the battery under the floorboard, BMW has managed to improve the storage capacity on the scooter. The space under the seat is large enough for a helmet while also leaving room for other equipment. This storage area is also illuminated. Speaking of illumination, the CE 04 uses LED lighting all around.

The BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 electric scooter is not a production series model and hence unavailable for sale. However, we believe it will eventually make its way to the production line in the coming future.