Audi e-Tron 55 Sport-back : The most powerful and practical Electric SUV

This is the powerful mix of off-roading capabilities with electrified power the Audi e-Tron 55 Sport back , in a world of rapid climatic changes and uncalled for roads the Audi e-Tron 55 sport back seems to conquer uneven terrains while still keeping the environment clean with 0% of CO2 Emission all while giving you the sporty pushing you back into your seats kind of outlandish acceleration from 0-100 kmph in just 5.7seconds

Although the e-Tron 55 and e-Tron Sport back might have the same power figures the coupe like finish on the sport back makes it look even more aerodynamic and pleases the eyes with the rear spoiler bought lower and down on the sport back this making the sport back have a drag coefficient of 0.26 , The styling of the Audi e-Tron seems well handled by those shutter style grills with mid openings to benefit air to flow for battery cooling mainly,

immersed by Audi Matrix LED headlights that are slick but are slightly wide at the end making room for these tri LED stripes that move downward and make the Audi e-Tron look futuristic , the rear also has a ravaging light bar which stretches out and bridges the two LED tail lamps 

The Audi e-Tron 55 and the e-Tron 55 Sport back both have the the same drive train powered by two Asynchronous motors that push 402-408 horsepower’s/664Nm torque on to the ground by all four wheels in sport mode while in other modes like dynamic or economical settings it makes around 360hps/561Nm torque the Audi e-Tron 55/ Sport back uses its contemporary Quattro feature which gives power to all four wheels but is mostly rear biased (this also makes the Audi e-Ton 55 Sport back 200kph with a factory set top speed limiter,

Talking about the platform it uses its fairly comprehensive MLB evo platform that it has fairly used on n many of its non EV cars such as Audi Q5,Q7 & Q8 also shared by other car makers like Porsche for the cayenne and Lamborghini for the Urus how ever there is a slight change and you guess it right , The Audi E-tron 55 Sportback has electric motors mounted on evenly instead of a engine at the front , and also the even 700kg battery layout distribution that makes the Audi etron have a low center of gravity That, plus a balanced 50:50 weight distribution at each axle and Audi’s ‘quattro’ system making it grip all corners at high speed , the etron 55 sport back has a 95kWh lithium ion battery with a charges from 0-80% on a 150kw DC fast charger in about 40mins while the 11kW home AC charger takes about 8 hours of full charge , the Audi etron gets a tested range of 366 kms on full charge even while changing between drive modes 

Coming drive modes & interior the the Audi e-Tron 55 sport back gives the user 6 driving modes with dynamic and sport modes all controlled by a toggle switch that is given on the end of the sporty hand rest followed to the top the infotainment and 4 zone climate control

10.1-inch & 8.8-inch touchscreen MMI infotainment system with 4 zone climate control that follows through the central section of the dashboard and it feels quite pronouncing as the controls are easily accessible

The steering wheel feels rigid and handful with these control buttons that are integrated well into the wheel similar like on most of its Audi high end variants , also the “virtual cockpit” for the driver as Audi calls it’s 12.3 inch digital cluster with avid drive modes and setups , The uncluttered, layered dashboard nicely wraps itself around the cabin, flowing seamlessly into the door pads this makes the Audi-etron feels well cocooned yet comfortable to be seated ,

These drive modes as mentioned earlier will work together with the suspension handling done by 4 active adaptive air suspensions that seems to adjust according to drive modes,

For example the off-road mode elevates the Audi by 40-50mm than it’s standard height:1673mm So the Audi e-Tron 55 / sport back can maneuver large speed bumps or or ditches quite it also has a hefty road presence with a length:5014 mm & width : 1976mm making it look massive on the roads ,the braking The e-Tron is Equipped with 18-inch disc brakes (front and rear), the e-Tron sheds speed from 80-0kph, in merely 24.09m, which is remarkable for this 2.6-tonne behemoth

over all the Audi E-tron is a car of today inspired and meant for a better tomorrow.