All new Maserati Grecale SUV to debut in 2021 and electric variant in 2022

The Maserati Grecale name has been confirmed for the Italian carmaker’s sub-Levante SUV that is due to arrive next year. The new SUV is part of the band’s ambitious revival plans that will see it introduce 13 new models by 2024 which includes the just unveiled supercar, the MC20.

The electric variant of the Maserati Grecale will be introduced in 2022 and just as the MC20 sportscar it will be offered with Eco-friendly and regular IC engine. Also will be offered convertible and V6 versions based on Ferrari’s F1 technology. The Grecale will have a lower price tag than the Levante as it will be a more compact version and is named after the strong northeast wind of the Mediterranean Sea.