2022 Honda City Hybrid E:HEV : Energetic , Eco-friendly but is it Economic ?

Honda has made some tweaks to improve the hybrid’s outward appeal, but they are minor at best. The Honda emblem gets a blue tint, similar to Toyota hybrids, a new claw style fog light garnish, which you might miss, and a trunk lip spoiler and bumper diffuser with a carbon finish, which you might not notice . It also features black painted diamond cut alloy wheels and a new Honda solid wing face, which is distinct but may go unnoticed at first.


A two-motor e-CVT hybrid system is coupled to Honda’s 1.5-litre i-VTEC petrol engine, intelligent power unit (IPU) with sophisticated Lithium-ion battery, and an engine linked direct coupling clutch to power the automobile. In simple terms, the engine primarily serves as a generator to charge the battery, while electricity powers the wheels.

There are three driving modes available: EV, Hybrid, and Engine Drive Mode, so while driving the car as a pure EV is possible, it can only be done for a short period of time and at low speeds. The lithium ion battery is just 0.734 KWh, which is insufficient to operate the automobile for an extended period of time. Even fully electric motorcycles have larger batteries.

It has regeneration mode, which catches some of the energy lost while decelerating or braking and uses it to power the battery. Overall, the car has a combined maximum power of 126 PS, which is only 5 PS higher than the standard City, but the significant difference is torque, which is 253 NM, which is nearly 100 NM more. As a result, while it does not have the frantic rapid acceleration of a pure electric car, it does have a burst of torque at the start—the car is automatically in pure EV mode then—which shows its influence as it is more eager at 120 kph speeds than ordinary sedans (including Europeans). The car’s ride is exceptionally comfortable, and it has disc brakes on all four wheels give it the bite useful for emergency braking.


The ARAI rating is 26.5 kpl but has an estimated around 20kpl,  The e:HEV is well-equipped by Honda standards. The cabin has a similar appearance and feel to the ordinary City—nothing to complain about, City has a great set up, it receives a refreshing two-tone Ivory & Black colour motif coupled with 17.7 cm high definition full colour TFT metre displays multi-information including power flow metres. A big 20.3 cm touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility is provided for infotainment. There is also adequate safety equipment, including six airbags, a tyre pressure monitoring system, vehicle stability, and agile handling assistance.


The seats are pleasantly cushioned, and there is plenty of leg and knee room in the back. A fifth passenger will not feel overburdened for room. The lithium ion battery pack is housed beneath the back seat, reducing cargo room slightly, but considering the a not so massive 306L cargo space . However, other items are lacking, such as ventilated front seats and a wireless smartphone charging.